We have compiled a list of questions from previous clients that are important in choosing our services over the competition. We maintain the highest standards in quality, planning, and execution of any private event. Our prices are superior to the competition and our services are top notch.
01. Why should I hire you?
Stu Kwan and DJ Soundz both have over 17 years of DJ experience.  We have transitioned into private events only in 2004.  Stu Kwan has over 6 years of professional event planning experience.   He has organized events for the United Nations, HHC Private Events, 2008 Michaels Awards Show, numerous fundraisers, and numerous weddings in the Hamptons and throughout Manhattan.  He takes pride in his work and works closely with the future bride and groom to ensure them of a perfect event. Planning and organizing personal introduction, wedding games, musical choices, and other fine details are some of the planning process. 
02. Why are your prices so affordable?
Other Entertainment companies outsource their equipment so they charge you the rental costs and their labor costs.  We are stocked with our own equipment from DJ, Videography, and Photography that is the top of the line so we can charge the client just for labor only. We feel that if we give you a great deal and an excellent service, that your experience will lead to other referrals.  We are very fair with pricing and have special packages that works with any budget.   
03. Are you insured?
We are fully insured for any liability and damages.  We will provide documentation if needed at the event premises.
04. How many days in advance do we need to book your services?
We are extremely busy at times but we are staffed and are capable of handling multiple jobs in one day. You will need at least 24-48 hours in advance to book our services.  We do have last minute request due to cancellation from another entertainment service, but if you do book a last minute event we will charge an additional $200 if the event is under 24 hours.
05. How much deposit do I have to leave?
We would need a deposit of 10%. It will be deducted from your balance. In the event of an cancellation, your deposit will be lost if it is not within 48 hours of the event date. The contract will have all the details of the deal.
06. Can you handle big events?
We can handle all size venues. If the event requires enormous amounts of sound and lighting equipment than an additional pricing will reflect the additional equipment that is needed.