Cool app from itunes called Remixer

This morning I was browsing around installous (itunes) and i found a cool application called Remixer.  I read what the application does and it sounded interesting so I downloaded it.  This application is so simple to use.  What it does is automatically chop up the entire song you import from your iTunes library into one bar format.  When it is chopped up you can drag and drop it onto another bar and create some simple remixes.  You can take any part from any song and mix it around.  The funny thing is that it is on beat as far as the tempo.  It loops perfectly.  You can make an instrumental of any song by just taking the parts where there are no vocals and loop it.  You can also mix around the lyrics and create break records of the latest dance songs.  For example, take the LMFAO song Party Rock Anthem and loop the chorus and loop everyday we shuffling and make it repeat.  This software is so easy to save.  Just press the save icon and it exports it into aif format and than use an converting program to convert to whatever format you want. I recommend you to download this program and play around with it.  Keep reading my blogs and make sure you like Facebook fan page.  Thank you for your support.

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