How to organize my music collection with Serato Live

I am just like many other DJs who rely solely on memorization and experience to rummage through my music collection of mp3s to find the right songs.  I would have to say that one of my mentor is Aldo Ryan of Aldo Ryan Entertainment.  He taught me a lot about how to organize my music so that I can find my music at a drop of a dime.   I have to say that I thought I was very organized by separating my music into various genres. Yes, that is great but it goes a little beyond that.  For example, weddings are very detailed and needs a lot of specific details as far as music.  When you click on the wedding folder or crate in serato, it should be separated into subfolders like cocktail hour music, entrance music, father dance, daughter dance, entrance music, dinner music, toasting music, flower bouquet tossing, cake cutting, first dance, last dance, and party games music.  These are some examples of the way you separate your wedding music into subfolders.  You should do this for sweet sixteens, bar mitzvahs, proms, and children parties.  Be creative on how you organize your events and modify it so that each event you are hired for will be very simple and convenient.  A good tip for creating your crates is to take out any songs that you will not play and only create folders of each genres of songs that you will play.  Make a playlist for the most popular genres that you play at every event on top of the separated genres.  I only put the best of the best and the crowd pleasers.  My motto that I live by is that you only have about 4-5 hours for an event, why would you hold back.  Play all number 1 hits that every age group will recognize and that a majority of the party people will attempt to sing a long.  The one main point of my blog is to make the DJ’s job so convenient that he don’t have to think.  I hope this blog helps you a little bit.

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