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Many clients have ask me if I knew a good website to buy decorations and party favors.  This blog is all about where to buy your party stuff, how to get the best deals, and how to triple dip and get even more bang for your buck.  If you like these ideas than I recommend you to read further.  First you book your party.  What kind of party is it?  Let’s just say it’s a sweet sixteen!  What do you need in a sweet sixteen?  Decorations, centerpieces, sweet sixteen personalized favors, and party favors to giveaway.   There are three websites I usually go to to buy these items.  Orientaltrading.com, Dollardays.com, and Dascheap.com are three sites I check out first.  If you have another website, than I recommend that you compare the prices.  I love Orientaltrading.com.  It has great deals and free shipping most of the time.  I go a little beyond that and go to a shopping portal first.  For example, Shop.com/beautyunlimited is a great cash back website.  On this website Orientaltrading.com is 2% cash back.  What I would do is sign up as a customer on this portal and click on Orientaltrading.com so I can get the 2% back.  Than I would go to Google.com and type in Orientaltrading.com coupon codes.  I found a code for free shipping on any order over $50.  I use that code and now I got 2% cash back, free shipping, a great price, and this website if you use paypal to checkout which I do; it is tax free.  That is a great deal.  You can find anything on the internet.  Look around and compare the prices.  Always refer to shopping portals because they get paid by their referrals, so they will give you an incentive for shopping with them.  I hope this blog helps you a little bit and thanks for reading my blog.

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