Review of the JBL PRX615M

This blog is a review of the JBL PRX615M. I wanted to buy a new setup and decided to get these bad boys. I’ve heard from other fellow DJs that JBL kicks the most bass, so I’ve decided to give it a shot. When I got the boxes from UPS, I was surprised on how small they are. I plug it in to try it out and it sounded good but it needed a test drive in a party. I used them for a 40th Birthday party and they kicked out some serious bass. The venue was a medium size venue that had 100 partygoers. I played every genre from hip hop to disco, and these speakers held up to the bass and sounded very clear. I had no problem with the peak limit light that I had with the previous speakers. I love the construction of the speakers. It is made with an durable material that is very good for keeping them in excellent condition for a long time. It was easy to transport because it weighed like 35 pounds. It is so compact but it is worth the price. I bought it from and got them for $750 with free shipping and no taxes. That is a very good deal. I have so far used these speakers for three parties with no subwoofer and it has surpassed my expectations. I would recommend these to a mobile DJ due to the size and weight of it but also for the bang for the buck. It is worth price. Good luck on your next gig and email me if you have any questions at

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