Customized Gobo Lights for Clients

I would recommend everybody to use a custom gobo light for their event. It brings a personal touch to any event. I recently purchased two Chauvet Gobo Zoom 2.0 to see if it does the job. When I got the box, it came with 8 standard plates and several color gels. I went onto youtube and saw a video on how to make my own customized gobo. All I needed was transparent film paper and print a 1.1 inch diameter gobo design and I can customized it for any event. I used a laser printer to print it out. I used photoshop to make it and it took like 5 minutes to make one. I made my own to see how it would look and I was blown away. It was so easy to create and it looked amazing. I easily made gobos for a couple getting married and they loved it. I pointed one to the wall and the other on the dancefloor. I also used three Mystic Led lights and the setup was superb. It looked like an amazing light show but it was a simple setup. I hooked the gobo with O clamps which made it so easy to pack away when the event was finished. As a entertainment company owner, it is very important to upsell. If you can add a customized gobo with their name or initials on it for a minimal fee, this should close the deal. I offer a triple services package with DJ, Video, and Photos for $3000 and I always throw the gobos in for free. It is a cherry on top. It is always great to have something customized for the client to purchase. If it is a personal video or gobos, anything is better than nothing. For repeating customers that have never used this before, it is always good to make a great impression to get the next referral by giving them this for free. Sometimes free can go a long way! I know, you should never give away anything for free but this is too easy to setup. Give it away and you will get more gigs in the future. Always overdeliver for the clients! That is what I live for. I give them more than what they ask for so they will be over eager to tell my services to their friends. Word of mouth advertising is the best. In conclusion, you should go get a gobo light. These are the best investments I have made. Good luck and rock on.

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